Gene Search : A total of 71 transcriptome assemblies from seven decapod crustacean species. We sorted out 462,877 pieces of gene annotation result information (Cherry shrimp:92956,Coconut crab:72729,Coral shrimp:57240,Redclaw Crayfish:99100,Red King crab:73144,Spiny lobster:28805,Zebra mantis shrimp:38903), and the user can select the corresponding species by querying the gene id or gene name.For example, you can enter gene id = 'TRINITY_DN510164_c0_g1_i1' or enter gene name = 'SPARC', then select the corresponding species as 'Cherry shrimp', and you will get a list of corresponding results. Of course, if gene id and gene name are not known, you can only query by selecting the species.
Gene Search
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